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Code of Ethics

Sex is one of the most natural aspects of life and pleasure is one of the most beautiful elements of human experience. However, we understand there’s still a lot of shame, guilt, and taboo surrounding sexuality, unfortunately.
That’s why it’s imperative to work ethically, preserving the integrity of all parties involved in sex coaching sessions.
Here’s a bit of my code of ethics:

Sex coaching code of Ethics

- What the client shares in the session is confidential. That includes confidentiality
from other partners as well. Whatever a client discloses in a private session won’t be
disclosed to other parties of the relationship, even if the couple (or throuple, or
polycule, etc) is attending sessions together eventually.
- For professional purposes, information about the cases might be shared with other
professionals - without identifying the client.
- If one’s case presents interesting educational content that could be shared on the
coach’s educational channels (such as social media), the client will be able to consent
(or not) to disclose the case. In case of consent provided by the client, a written term
will be signed by both parties.
- The client’s data will be encrypted and stored in privacy.
- Sex coaching services will be terminated if the client is not obtaining the desired
benefits from the program. In that case, a referral will be provided.
- Physical touch during the sessions will only happen when needed, if there's verbal
consent by both parties.
- The coaching sessions and the coaching program will be terminated immediately if
the client behaves disrespectfully, or tries to push interactions beyond the professional
- By booking a session (or multiple sessions), the client acknowledges that the coach
will assign homework practices and that the client’s participation and engagement
are imperative so there’s progress after sessions and goals are achieved.

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