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Valentina Fellina

My mission, my journey


I was born and raised in Brazil, but when I was 29 years old, life took me to Montréal, Canada, where a significant transformation happened.
The need for money and the lack of a working visa led me to try sex work for the first time as a cam girl and, later, a stripper. I have to admit I started very shy and defensive. Slowly, through my experience, I recognized so many blocks within me, and a shift has happened: I left the girl I was behind, to become a WOMAN.
The sexual empowerment I gained with my former profession has changed my life for the better, and I urge to spread that knowledge and power ever since. I was always the person everyone would reach out to talk about sex and relationships, and after sex work, I felt like I had so much more to share.
Many of my clients at the strip club would claim I have changed their lives until one of them said: you should be a couple's counselor.
When I heard that, my first thought was: indeed, I should! Why am I not doing this already??
It took me years to realize there was such a profession, and it was called SEX COACHING. So I finally had the opportunity to start an excellent course and become a certified sex coach!
Today I empower clients with knowledge, and techniques through their journey, as much as I produce sex education content for the Brazilian (and Portuguese speaking) youth on Tiktok, Youtube, and other platforms.
Besides my online and in-person sessions (generally focused on 30+ cis-women no matter their relationship statuses or sexual orientation), I also present workshops, so check out my event dates!

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What is sex coaching?

Sex coaching is about empowering, healing, learning.

It's about achieving goals within your sexual life:  your first orgasm, better orgasms, a deeper connection with your partner, getting the confidence you need to get back on the dating life, overcoming a bad relationship, squirting, you name it!
My job is to guide, assist and support you through this beautiful and powerful journey!

Check "Sessions" for more! 

O que é sex coaching?

Sex coach é sobre empoderamento, cura e aprendizado.

É sobre alcançar seus objetivos dentro da sua vida sexual:  seu primeiro orgasmo, orgasmos melhores, uma conexão mais profunda com o seu parceiro, alcançar a confiança necessária pra voltar a vida de solteira, superar uma relação problemática, squirting, você que decide!
Meu trabalhho é te guiar, assistir e encorajar ao longo dessa maravilhosa e poderosa jornada!

Confira "Sessões" para mais! 

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